Types of capacitors that we can offer and quote to you:

COMET AG has been manufacturing fixed and variable Vacuum Capacitors since 1965. Our excellent reputation for product quality has resulted in close cooperation with leading international companies in the RF industry. COMET is an expert for high vacuum technology, material science and mastering of high voltages.

COMET's two major business areas are Semiconductor and Broadcast.

In the Semiconductor industry we supply Vacuum Capacitors for production equipment of computer chips, flat panel displays and solar cells.

In Broadcasting our Vacuum Capacitors are used primarily in short and medium wave analog and digital transmitters.

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Electrolytic Capacitors

Here's an overview of our Electrolytic Capacitors

With M5, M6, or Imperial (inches) screw terminals

We deliver all standard types of solder terminals on request

Also available as double capacity and bipolar types

Available with 2 or 4 pins as well as short pins

Standard value also with VDE available

Custom-designed case sizes, optimized Rth, clock cycle <2 sec

Audio frequency capacitor with smooth or rough foil

C-& U-values and case size can all be built to your specifications

Film Capacitors

Here's an overview of our Film Capacitors

Our all-rounder for countless applications!

Light, compact and vibration-proof film capacitor

Our specialist for low inductance applications!

MKT- & MKP capacitors with numerous connections

Only a few examples of our never-ending possibilities!

Reliable, robust and with solid connections

Well-known design in low inductance version

Version for resonance resistor

Some classic capacitors from our audio range

Just an abstract of our numerous custom-made products

Suppressor-capacitors, contact suppressor & RC filter

Ceramic Capacitors


Custom-made Capacitors

More than 65 % of our successful products are custom-made. Our catalogue only shows a small share of our possibilities.
Take advantage of our experienced development team and find a suitable solution for your project.